Welcome to the official website of the Integrative Wellness & Instinctive Living (IWIL), a virtual community dedicated to helping others reverse their illnesses and achieve optimal health and wellness using the Quantum Health Perspective.

What is the Quantum Health Perspective?

Every living system on this planet requires energy to be alive. Energy can only be truly understood at the quantum level, that is the interaction between subatomic particles (electrons, protons and neutrons) with light (photons). This interaction explains how energy flows in order to drive life and wellness. The greater the energy flow is within a living system, the higher the level of wellness can be achieved. On the contrary, when energy flow slows down for any given reason, illness is the result and when energy flow approaches zero, death is inevitable.

Life innovated itself by controlling energy flow within by adapting to the environment. For us this includes the day/night cycle (i.e. light, dark) as well as the seasonal variations (i.e. summer, winter). Therefore, life must maintain its energy flow in light or dark environments as well as in warm or cold environments. These environments are controlled by the earth’s rotation around its own axis (24 hours) and its revolution around the sun (365 days). Understanding how we adapt to these daily and seasonal patterns in our environment is the key to restoring our energy flow so we can prevent and reverse disease and aging.

The 4 elements on earth that positively influence human energy flow are:

  1. Light
  2. Water
  3. Oxygen
  4. Food

You will find a brief introduction to each of these elements here.

Environmental toxins induce stress which negatively influences human energy flow ultimately leading to illness.

The objective of IWIL is to work with individuals who suffer from illnesses and help them restore their energy flow using specific quantum health protocols. The protocols are designed to increase assimilation of these 4 essential elements while simultaneously eliminating and mitigating environmental stressors to restore energy flow.

Following the natural rhythms of the sun and the earth is simply the most effective way to restore energy and reverse illnesses. IWIL offers guidance, support and wisdom for living this lifestyle.