What Is Illness?

My definition of illness on the surface is a state of decreased wellbeing, discomfort, suffering, and ultimately the premature path towards death. I believe illness today is radically different than it was many moons ago, and that is because the illnesses we face today are mostly chronic diseases, whereas illness used to be a state of acute sickness (i.e. infection) that may or may not have been fatal depending on the immune function.

When we talk about illness amongst others, most would agree that it involves inflammation as the mechanism. And I think most would also agree that stress is involved in triggering illness, whether that stress be mental or emotional, or physical due to toxins in our environment and food. That being said, most understand the recommendations of eating healthy, exercising, managing your stress levels and getting plenty of sleep, all of which I would agree are important. Yet despite everyone’s awareness of a healthy lifestyle, and many who are religiously implementing such lifestyle, disease is still everywhere and nobody understands why.

The reason a healthy lifestyle fails is because it is not just about all the little things you can do to be healthy (i.e. using natural products, eating unprocessed foods, exercising, going to bed early, etc.) but rather the overall environment as a whole. This is where nature comes into the picture. Humans have become so intelligent, that we are the only species on the planet capable of controlling our environment, and can disconnect from nature entirely if we so desire. For instance most of us work in office buildings for 8 or 9 hours a day. This disconnects us from the natural sunlight, fresh air, temperature variation and keeps us inactive during the active period in the day. When we are not synchronized to the natural light cycle, we do not function the way we are intended to because the timing mechanism is thrown off in our brain as we live in a statically controlled environment versus a dynamic environment that slowly transitions from day to night and vice versa. Today, when the sun goes down, we have the privilege of turning lights on, watching TV, texting on our phones, or playing video games instead of winding down and going to sleep. Then, when the sun rises the following morning, we have blackout curtains over the windows, so we can continue to sleep into the day because we are too exhausted to wake up at 6 AM after staying up late playing with our technology. This modern lifestyle will alter the way energy flows within us, and uncouples the central pathways within the brain that control the circadian rhythms and all bodily functions that keep us well.

Now you may see why a good diet, exercise and managing your stress levels will not go very far when you have a disrupted system due to improper signalling and altered energy flow. Signalling and energy flow are a coupled system in humans and animals, and are yoked to the sunlight cycle and the earth’s magnetic field. This is the result of hundreds of millions of years of evolution. When the brain or command centre of a system is malfunctioning due to an improper input signal, and it is causing a disruption in several lower level systems, would you focus on each individual lower level system, or would you focus on correcting the improper input signal? Humans today focus on the lower level systems, and that is why we are guaranteed to fail. Industries also focus on the lower level systems. If they can develop solutions to lower level system problems without addressing problems within the higher level system, then they will never achieve a long term solution. And that is what keeps them in business. That is why you have not heard of a cure for any of the modern complex diseases.

The real definition of illness from a physics perspective is therefore a malfunctioning of a system(s) due to improper signalling at the highest level. Signalling is the “spark” that initiates energy flow in a body until that energy flow can be maintained within a circuit. It is when energy flow completely ceases in a body that death occurs. Thus, the greater the energy flow in a body, the better the function, sustaining optimal health in us, and as energy flow slows down, function decreases, and illness ensues. Illness is simply the grey zone between life and death with progression towards the latter. It is associated with decreased energy flow and is inversely correlated with time; that is, as energy flow slows down, time accelerates. This is how we age faster and succumb to disease as a result of decreased energy flow.

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