IWIL focuses on the following protocols/therapies for healing clients/patients with chronic illnesses:

Light Therapy – Exposure to specific frequencies to promote tissue oxygenation, energy production and repair.

Grounding – Making barehand or barefoot contact with the earth or anything directly connected to the earth (i.e. trees) to yield the “free electrons” that give us energy in the simplest form.

Breathing – Practicing deep belly breathing at controlled speeds and intervals to maximize tissue oxygenation and energy production.

Optimal Human Diet – Believe it or not there is an optimal human diet from an evolutionary perspective. Given the high energy demands of our brain and central nervous system, we require a diet with the highest degree of nutrient density to fuel our complexity. It happens that water is the BEST repository for energy and nutrients, and thus the most nutrient dense foods come from our sea.

Deuterium Depletion – Strategic consumption of Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) to improve mitochondrial function for cellular energy production and respiration.

Cold Therapy – To activate mitochondrial thermogenesis for weightloss, reduced oxidative stress and inflammation as well as improving energy flow through improved electron yield and light assimilation.

Fasting – To improve metabolism and mitochondrial biogenesis, the process that keeps our cells healthy by regulating and promoting the growth of new, energy-efficient mitochondria.

Salt Therapy – To yield free electrons from salt molecules providing similar benefits to grounding.

Blue Light Mitigation – Employ strategies to eliminate and reduce exposure to harmful blue light including specific products and screen filters.

EMF Mitigation – Employ strategies to eliminate and reduce exposure to harmful man-mad EMFs including specific products, shields and other natural methods of protection.

Heavy Metal Detox – Protocols to help the body rid itself of heavy metals and strategies to eliminate and reduce exposure to heavy metals.