I was fortunate to have met Kris who provided a non conventional approach in helping me heal my body. It was simple yet effective. For many years, I have had thyroid issues and I have explored different treatment options that can be a bit overwhelming. Having met Kris within a few weeks I have noticed a difference in my mood and weight by following Kris’s simple protocols of connecting to mother nature. I didn’t realize that our inner body is heavily reliant on the sun and the environment. He is compassionate and attentive and has a genuine interest in helping you. His approach was non-threatening, but effective in helping you understand the significance that nature plays on you. He guides you on how to achieve optimal health by suggesting minor changes that can make a huge impact on your overall health. He follows up and tracks my progress and tweaks along the way to ensure my health is improving. I truly enjoyed my sessions with Kris, as he provided solutions in healing myself, rather than band-aid my problems. Thank you Kris for being a part of my healthy journey!



I was struggling with anxiety, depression, low energy , low mood, sleep deprivation and an overall negative outlook on life.

After my few first sessions with Kris, my sleep improved. The sleep helped improve my mood. This increased my energy and it gave me a positive outlook on life.

I learned so much about what was causing me to have poor sleep. I learned what to do in order to have deeper, longer and better quality sleep.

The most helpful part of my sessions with Kris were his empathy and kindness. Kris is very easy to talk to. He has so much knowledge. He is able to break it down into simple terms. He’s a great listener. He has a wealth of knowledge about the human body.

Anybody who is looking to improve their quality of life would benefit from sessions with Kris. I highly recommend him as a wellness coach.



I recently finished six 1.5 hour bi weekly sessions with Wellness Coach Kris Domitrovits.

My goals were simple, without any form of chronic disease, I requested a method or pathway to control my weight without dieting. What rules do I need to follow just to live a healthy lifestyle without feeling deprivation or restriction? Kris provided me with the science that answers the question,” Why do wild animals/mammals never store excess energy in the form of fat?” I got the answer to this question and much more. Kris answered that question and then gave me the science behind the root cause of most of humanities chronic diseases.

Even though I have spent most of my life focused on health and healing both professionally and in my own personal pursuits, what Kris had to say was ground breaking. I simply had not read or heard the information he provided me.

Kris offered me short and simple guidelines for easy comprehension. But I yearned for the biochemistry background to the reason why his recommendations made sense. Boy, did I got what I asked for! I could barely keep up with the new information frontiers Kris shared even though my background and work history was in the area of biochemistry.

What I learned from Kris is the root cause of many of the illnesses we suffer from in modern society in the last 200 years. I now understand there cannot be a true healing or health if we defy the impact of these few principles. I was unknowingly following a few but now following many more principles to allow my body to find its healthiest steady state.

I am still rereading the excellent follow up from our conversations in the form of detailed notes that Kris provided me with after each session.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of those coaching sessions is the incredible fire of passion that burns so brightly in Kris! His enthusiasm is very contagious! I am convinced this energy is what we all need to change…it provided me with the fuel to make the changes that Kris recommended.

The biggest change has been to my sleep, I have never slept so deeply and so long. I have also noticed that my weight has crept down a few pounds regardless of how much or little I eat just by following the guidelines.

I highly recommend Kris if you are looking for help to find a healthier lifestyle!