The Circadian Solution: How To Reset Your Biological Clocks To Reverse Disease & Aging

Have you been struggling with your health despite following a healthy lifestyle? Have you tried literally EVERYTHING from diet, meditation, exercise, supplements and endless therapies to reclaim your health and regain control of your life? Have you had inconsistent results and overall poor success?

If this sounds like you, it is your LUCKY day today because IWIL is presenting to YOU the MOST important aspect of LONG-TERM success in optimizing your health!

Conventional medicine FAILS to address the fact that EVERY biological system in our ENTIRE body is controlled by a SINGLE mechanism. That mechanism is called the circadian rhythm and EVERY cell in the body has clock genes that controls its health and function in a 24 hour cycle.

This cycle is 100% tied to the daylight cycle which is controlled by SUNLIGHT! Every cell in the body is designed to collect energy and information from our ENVIRONMENT using SUNLIGHT, WATER, AIR and FOOD. The light we are exposed to, the water we drink, the air we breathe and food we eat must ALL contain the SAME energy and information in order for our cellular clocks to RUN accurately.

When our cellular clocks are no longer ticking to the rhythms of NATURE, we LOSE control over GROWTH and METABOLISM in each of our cells. This leads to DECREASED energy flow and simultaneous cellular STRESS which puts us on the path to chronic disease. Modern living tends to keep us indoors under the WRONG light with the ability to PROLONG our daylength which disrupts our sleep/wake cycle. Additionally, our water, air and food quality is poor.

Every cell in our body contains thousands of mitochondria which are TINY little bacteria that produce ENERGY for the cell. In order for optimal energy production within mitochondria, we need to absorb adequate energy from the SUN to drive energy flow. Additionally, our cells need to be well hydrated in order to TRANSFER energy from SUNLIGHT to and from our DNA. As a backup system, humans have evolved to breakdown FOOD with OXYGEN to produce energy when we cannot harvest enough from SUNLIGHT and WATER alone.

During the day, when we reconnect to nature by grounding to the earth, basking in the sun and drinking natural sources of water, we allow our mitochondria to REST and REPAIR while our energy flow is maximized. At night, when we sleep, we also allow our mitochondria to repair by releasing stored light energy at night to drive energy flow. The LESS connected we are to nature during the day, and the LESS sleep we get each night, the MORE we rely on our hardworking mitochondria to produce energy from food and oxygen, and overtime this causes mitochondrial aging and dysfunction leading to poor energy flow and increased cellular stress.

When we are young and healthy, we can replace cells that are damaged beyond repair, but if this occurs excessively as we see in a modern world living a disconnected life from nature with inadequate sleep, our cells are forced to activate pathways to become immortal in order to protect our stem cell supply. This leaves us running off poor functioning cells that have been severely mutated and that is when disease begins.

The ONLY way out of this mess is to restore the circadian rhythm as QUICKLY as possible using morning SUNLIGHT to set the clocks, and sleeping to slow the clocks down to allow rest and repair.

Once the circadian rhythm is restored, we need to begin to optimize our mitochondrial function so that we can restore energy flow during times where we become disconnected from nature (for instance working indoors, or thriving in the winter time when the sun is weaker).

This program aims to strategically reset the circadian rhythm using light, darkness and meal timing which are the key inputs that activate our cellular clock genes. It then moves on guiding you through various protocols to optimize mitochondrial function so you can become a HIGH energy FAT BURNING machine.